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Les grandes tailles de police ne sont pas auto-mise à jour

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    Logo Texte:

    Taille de la police:
    Rembourrage texte:
    Taille Grow:
    L'espacement des lettres:
    Vertical Slant:
    Texte Rotation:
    Faire Outline:
    Taille Contour:
    Contour Blur:
    Flou de l'ombre:
    BumpMap Blur:
    X Offset:
    Y Offset:
    Format de fichier:
    Qualité JPEG:
    Script par Hrvoje Horvat

    Extra FlamingText Styles

    It's a 3D world, which just 2 dimensions to play with. Two eyes and three dimensions. I can feel an axis being skewed, while silky smooth logos flatten and render to the screen. Try out our mock 3D logos, and if that doesn't work, just add a drop shadow :)